AFN Statement on Government Shutdown

The Arizona Faith Network commends all political leaders who are seeking a just and immediate end to the government shutdown. Our religious faiths compel us to condemn actions that serve only political ends, keeping thousands of people from working and requiring others to work without receiving their pay--conditions that create food and housing insecurity, financial and emotional stress.

This past week marked the first time the majority of these workers missed a paycheck. Agencies that provide important services have been operating through piece-meal funding and are now out of funds. SNAP funds are likely to run short in February. If the shutdown is not ended soon, Medicare and other cuts will likely occur.

Our families, friends and neighbors deserve better. We need good faith negotiations and compromises in the best interests of all Americans. Please contact the White House and your legislators in both the House and Senate and ask for immediate bi-partisan action to end the government shutdown.

Arizona Faith Network
Board of Directors