Support for Increased Renewable Energy and Energy Standards

TO: Chairman Burns and Commissioners
FROM: Arizona Faith Network
RE: Docket #RU-00000A-18-0284, Arizona Faith Network’s Support for Increased Renewable Energy and Energy Standards 

Dear Chairman Burns and Commissioners:

Arizona Faith Network is a non-profit, multi-faith organization dedicated to bringing people together to promote peace and understanding through interfaith education and dialogue as well as healing of the world through collaborative action.  Our partners include both faith-based and secular social justice organizations that share our vision for peaceful, prosperous and sustainable communities, and we believe that a healthy environment is fundamental to achieving those goals.

We understand that the Arizona Corporation Commission will be voting soon to decide whether utility companies will be required to invest in clean energy strategies such as renewable energy sources and energy efficiency techniques. AFN strongly urges you to support increased investments in both. Not only are renewable energy and energy efficiency the cheapest options available right now, they also help control utility costs, create jobs and build a clean energy future. Further, they prevent the air and water pollution that affect the quality of life for children with asthma, adults who are at risk of lung disease and the well-being of poorer and more marginalized populations whose neighborhoods are disproportionately impacted by emissions from dirty energy sources. 

We are also concerned that, with the rising costs of fossil fuels, people living on the margins will be unable to afford to pay their energy bills. In a state where summertime energy costs strain the pocketbooks of people with stable incomes, those who are financially insecure will be unable to pay for the air conditioning they need to survive Arizona’s sweltering summer temperatures. Renewables are the answer to this dilemma, and we must act to accelerate that transition.

Our Arizona Corporation Commissioners are elected to protect the interests of customers, and we are asking you to do just that—to use every tool at your disposal to contain energy costs and provide the services your customers depend on.  This means requiring utilities to increase their investment in clean, renewable sources of energy and emphasizing energy efficiency. Aspirations are not enough; they must be held accountable for their choices. We believe that only strong and progressive mandates from the Corporation Commission will incentivize utilities to move toward a sustainable energy future.

We hope the ACC will seriously consider our concerns and act to develop and strengthen rules that will move our state into an era of clean and affordable energy for all.

Very Truly Yours,

Rev. Katie Sexton
Executive Director
Arizona Faith Network